Floating  in a tank is not about religion or spirituality; although when a person floats they can bring whatever beliefs that they may have into their private and  personal float session to "connect" with any feelings or thoughts that they may have.  Ventura Float Center does not promote, practice or endorse any form of spirituality or religious belief. We have chosen only to offer a safe and clean place to soak in Epsom salts ( Magnesium Sulfate) while taking a well deserved break from a busy world. The practice of floating began  around 60 years ago. The Dead Sea is the best example of “floating” in natural saltwater and has been known to man as far back  as 73 – 4 B.C. Your Float experience begins as you enter an enclosed tank filled with only 10” of water mixed with a solution of 800 lbs of therapeutic Epsom salt ( natural magnesium and sulfate) and 50 lbs of natural sea salt. The combination of water blended with the Epsom compound creates a buoyancy effect allowing you to float entirely at zero-gravity, relieving all stress to every fiber of your body and mind. With the water temperature controlled at the human skin level of approx. 94 degrees, you will experience zero gravity in water for the first time since the womb (unless of course you are or have been trained by NASA as an astronaut).                                                         We have all heard people say "I am sooo tired, i can't wait to get home and soak my feet in a tub with epsom salts." This is a great illustration of the benefits of Epsom salts to our entire body - which feeds the mind. If Epsom salts can have this sort of effect on our feet, just imagine how you will feel after your entire body has been floating in a sustained temperature of the salts diluted with water at 95 degrees for an hour or sometimes even longer! It really is an incredible feeling of peaceful relaxation as soon as you return from your voyage... so incredible.


When you arrive to Ventura Float Center for the first time, an orientation is arranged to guide and prepare you for your own very personal experience. Your first float usually consists of a relaxing time of  1 to 1.5  hours where you will  “just get used to this thing that you have never done before”. After you have your initial float experience under your belt, an average session is always 1.5 hours long. We are a "start-up" in a "start-up/infant industry"; meaning that since mass appeal and common knowledge of flotation has not yet set in with the general public, you will feel reassured knowing that your experience with flotation will be unique and that we will be there at every step offering floats at a longer duration at no extra charge based upon your personal journey and needs. We live here and it is our commitment to serving all through flotation with love and all good intention. It is impossible to enter a flotation tank, relax and leave without an “experience”.  
It is recommended that you wear nothing at all but your "birthday suit" for the best experience. If this is something that you are not comfortable with in your own locked and private room, bring shorts or a bathing suit ; although you may not feel as "free" in your float.
After you have enjoyed your first float, you will be ready to float for up to an hour and a half or more on your next floats. You will go deeper mentally and gain more physical benefits with every following float. Floating in a tank is like shedding layers of yourself, accessing deeper layers every time.
The experience is rarely the same for all. It is a unique combination between you and your own mind and body - your truest most natural self. Come in with an open mind and no fixed expectations.



+ Stress relief
+ Deeper Meditation
+ Third eye access
+ Improve sleep
+ Eliminate fatigue & jet lag
+ Increase motivation & focus
+ Reduce anxiety & depression
+ Energize, rejuvenate & revitalize
+ Create mental clarity
+ Manifest your dreams, goals, and success


+ Relax muscles & joints
+ Improve posture
+ Relieve back & neck pain
+ Ease arthritis & migraines
+ Aid recovery from injury
+ Reduce bloating
+ Epsom salts promote silky smooth skin
+ Deeper sleep. 1 ½ hour of sleep in a float tank equivalent to 4 hours of sleep on a mattress


+ Increase creativity
+ Aid visualization and hypnosis
+ Expand awareness
+ Enable self reflection
+ Accelerate learning
+ Facilitate freedom from bad habits




Scott Andrade - Founder and Main Float Guy of The Ventura Float Center