Whether it’s a first time float session, or only one of many, many sessions, the person floating should never have any clue of all  the diligent work that goes into the maintenance of the float tank’s water and air. When a person arrives, all that should be on their mind is the anticipation of a relaxing “getaway” of body and mind. This should be every float center’s main goal. You are here to float, feel better, and continue your day allowing your body and mind to enjoy the second part of the session outside of the tank – the slow re-compressing of the mind.

Our float center’s water, health, and hygiene maintenance regimen follows guidelines set by NSF/ANSI 50 standards (Nat’l Safety Foundation/American Nat’l Standards Institute) for sanitation and safety. Dissolved in our water is 900 pounds of Magnesium Sulfate in the form of medical grade Epsom salts. This unique healing solution of water maintains a bacteria free environment that is a natural disinfectant. The Chamber is cared for with the best practices and intentions, and contains no pathogenic organisms of any kind including bacteria, virus, mold, or yeast. In addition to the maintenance of the water, the atmosphere of the tanks inner chamber can be humid, so it’s important to note that the entirety of the inside of the tank including walls, lining, ceiling, and bottom flooring are cleaned twice weekly with a 50/50 solution of Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water to ensure a cleaner air environment, ensuring that any form of mold or yeast cannot survive in this sanitary yet humid environment.

At the Ventura Float Center, the guidelines that have been set by The US Float Tank Standards, created by the Float Tank Association are followed to the letter for the exception of the temperature. They have created a standard of 93.5 to match the temperature of the epidermis (outermost layer of skin cells), not the internal temperature of humans. The idea for the standard to be set at 93.5 is to enhance the effect of the sensation of actual floating at zero-gravity. Here at “VFC”, we have taken the temperature of the water higher to 94.5 – 95.0 degrees. This raise in the temperature was made after the request by the overwhelming number of floaters who felt that 93.5 degrees was just too cold (I happen to agree with them); in addition, we believe that the warmer temperature lends a more therapeutic value, allowing the solution to go deeper into the person’s and muscles and body, thus offering more relief. These guidelines that have been set for use and followed by all float centers are stringent standards regarding their cleaning, water maintenance and sanitation.  They state that water should be changed every 1000 floats OR every 6 months.  We change ours every 4 to 5 months depending on how many people have actually floated in the tank.

*a link to the actual document of standards.                                                                                                                                                                       http://www.fibromyalgiaflotationproject.com/files/us-float-tank-standard.pdf

How often is the water changed out in a swimming pool?  Swimming pools engage with multiple swimmers of all ages, and bathing suits/fabrics of all sorts which absolutely can carry bacteria, germs, viruses, and soil? Sometimes the pool isn’t drained for years in a row. Where a swimming pool and or hot-tub can accommodate multiple people at one time, a float tank only allows for one person at a time who showers before entering; this is a rule that is non-negotiable. I’ve even seen dogs and babies with diapers inside of swimming pools.

Where a common swimming pool can hold up to 14,000 gallons of chlorine filled water, and can take over 24 hours to filter, we use the same commercial pump and filter system for our tank/water maintenance that is made for a swimming pool, and we are filtering only 160 gallons which cycles 3 times entirely between every float session. Alkaline, pH, and 35% Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 levels are checked and balanced on a daily  basis to ensure that the water solution is “clean and pristine with no caffeine”.


Floating is extremely sanitary due to the high concentration of Epsom salts, which kill 99% of bacteria. We use an Ozone injection system which kills bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine and has 50 times the power. It eliminates organic material and viruses in addition to bacteria, mold, and yeast.

For our tank water we incorporate the use a commercial filter that works to break down the water down to 1000th of a nanometer. The human eye will struggle to see this without the use of a microscope or an actual nanoscope.  This process takes place effortlessly, and without any nasty chemicals ensuring that it is ready for another use. We would not allow a “next float session” or even reschedule an appointment if for some reason this standard was not met…it’s that important.

Before or between sessions, the shower, tiles, and flooring in the float room is sanitized using various cleansers (at “VFC” we use “Lysol lemon scented Bath and Shower”, Lemon Essential oils, and  ”Windex” for the ammonia element and shine). We love the shine!

We take the overall maintenance and sanitizing of our facilities very serious “from the front door to the  shower floor, and everything in between to be squeaky clean!”

Please feel free to ask any questions that have not been covered here, and do your own research as well. Please don’t let any unanswered questions be the reason for not enjoying a very natural and unique way to repair, relax and feel great… the natural way.

Until later, “Float, and Get Lost!”