*ask about cash and Venmo payment discounts to save 10%

After you have booked an appointment you will receive a confirmation via email. A two hour session includes 1 hour in the float tank, a first time orientation, and two showers (one shower before you enter the tank and another after your time spent in the tank to rinse the salt away). Your total time spent at Ventura Float Center will be for approximately 1 hour and 30 - 45 minutes depending on how long you float for your first time. The balance of the 2 hours allows for cleaning of the water, shower and entirety of the float room as preparation for the next session. Upon emerging from your session in the tank you are asked to keep your time in the float room under 15 minutes for the time needed to prepare the room for the next session.

Full payment is required at the time of booking for all clients with an exception for those who have already received a session(s) as a gift ticket or through other outlets such as raffles or auctions . There are no refunds if you don’t show up for your session, as this is in accordance with our terms of cancellation policy located within the waiver available here on this website.

We also use Stripe to process all credit or debit cards used for payment. For all of those using credit or debit card, charges are 2.75 percent of the transaction total per swiped transaction. If you enter the card manually (over the phone) the charge is 3.75 percent with an additional 15 cent charge.

Ventura Float Center ia a locally owned family business and have lived in Ventura for 54 years. We support our neighbor’s wellbeing by offering discounts to active or retired military, seniors, students and those who suffer with those afflictions that can be relieved by regular float sessions. Please take advantage of our offer of 15% off any session for those people who are interested in floating.

Regular rate for one session - $65.00

First Time Float Special - $55.00 This is available for first time floaters at Ventura Float Center. This may be a good way to find out if this may be something that appeals to you and your needs. Also, if you have floated somewhere else before, this is our way of saying "welcome to your first time here."

Student Discount - $55.00 Please bring your current ASB card to receive this specially discounted rate.

Military Discount - $55.00 Please bring your active or retired military ID, or TRICARE card to receive this specially discounted rate.

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Disease Discount - $55.00 Please bring the documentation of your condition/diagnosis provided by your primary care health practitioner to receive this special rate.

Gift tickets for one float session are available at $65.00.                                                                           

Popular Ongoing Specials                                                                                         

 "Buy 3 - Get One Free" for a total of 4 sessions.                                                                       This special offer brings the cost of each float session down from $65.00 to $48.75 per session;  this is a savings of  $16.25 per session! This package can be used whenever you like. This is not bound by monthly terms for use.  Consider gathering a group of 2 - 4 people to share the cost and experience.   The cost of this package is $195.00.  *This package is made to share or be stingy with...we won't tell.    

"Two Week Unlimited" Float Package                                                                                This special is known as the "Deep Cleanse".  It is widely agreed upon that the only way to get the most benefit from floating is to experience multiple sessions. This package is a definite life changer. You will notice the change in how you feel as many are using this as a part of a deep cleanse… Guaranteed!                    The cost of this package is $480.00.                                                                                                       *this special offer excludes sharing or the gifting of any float sessions. Please call or email us to further discuss questions or concerns that you may have. 

Gift tickets are always available, and transactions can be handled by (USPS) mail or over the phone for you convenience.

*All session appointment bookings are subject to availability. It is always recommended to book as early as possible - 1 week to 1 month depending on your choice of day and time. Weekends and evenings book up the fastest and furthest out - to assure that you are able to secure the date and time that works best for your schedule.