Ventura County's Flotation Center

Ventura Float Center is a sensory deprivation therapy and relaxation center  located only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean in Ventura, Southern Ca.  Flotation can been used in conjunction with the  therapeutic benefits of massage, acupuncture, yoga, sports therapy, rehabilitation an overall healthy lifestyle. Please continue as a guest on our website to discover all of the wonderful experiences that floating and the benefits of magnesium has to offer you.

Floating is not for everyone so don't succumb to any peer-pressure or feelings of being left out. Through my years of experience owning and operating a float center, it is my duty to inform anyone with physical limitations, age or issues with their balance and equilibrium that this should not be a dangerous experience for you; getting in and out of the float tank may not be an easy effort for some. We would love to address any questions or fears that you may have before you commit to this unique experience. 

NO WALK-INS  please. Ventura Float Center has one float room, so In order to maintain supreme service and discretion to our clients, we  service by scheduled appointment only. You cannot be guaranteed assistance in person at "VFC" when you visit by "pop-in", as we may be conducting an orientation or service with reserved clients. You will be extended the same courtesy when you arrive for your session. We will never make exception for this rule; our clients are everything to us and they deserve their right to our 100% attention as well as their own privacy. With only one float room , double sessions are scheduled "back-to -back" . We have a waiting room and a beautiful courtyard for a relaxing stay before or after your session. 

"Floating only one time is much like priming a wall for paint and never returning to add color to it."  

                                                                                                                                                                   - S. Andrade



Our Story


After his first float and the many that followed, Ventura Float Center founder Scott Andrade knew that this was something that he could not live without.  Read More...




Floatation is the perfect answer to  stress as well as many other physical and mental ailments. Relieve body pain, increase creativity, explore your mind, and much more! Read More...



What is Floating?

Floatation Therapy in a tank was incepted and began it’s progression around 60 years ago. The Dead Sea is the best example of how“floating” in natural saltwater and has been known to man as far back  as 73 – 4 B.C.. Read More...


Gift tickets are always available.



Our Location

2021 Sperry Ave. #22
Ventura, CA 93003
United States

                                                     Monday – Saturday  11:00a – 8:00p                                                             Sundays - Closed T:  805 - 921 - 5114