Our Story

After his first float and the many that followed, Ventura Float Center founder Scott Andrade knew that this was something that he could not live without. The benefits were just too great to stop floating, but driving through Los Angeles traffic was getting to be counterproductive to the relaxation he was working on; not to mention the associated fuel and maintenance costs of driving to L.A.  Scott wondered about an easier way to enjoy the benefits of flotation without the long commute.

It was during his time away from work after escaping “cubicle nation”, and leaving a long relationship with a major electric utilities corporation behind, that he was too young to retire and would be happier not to return to “work” ever again.

 It had always been a dream to be involved with holistic practices and overall wellness as a way of living his life and serving others as well. It was actually during a float session when the obvious was revealed.

 “I remember driving to my float session in Torrance, turning off the radio and thinking about what I was going to do with my life besides returning to a new job where I might not feel happy and fulfilled. It was after my float session and driving away that I realized  a clear vision of what would become  The Ventura Float Center.

"I saw everything from the logo to the furniture…visualization to complete manifestation”. He also “saw” that he would study and learn the history and lineage of flotation therapy from any sources he could find. It was at this point that the obvious choice was made to go with the original, the truest and most pure tank available – The Samadhi. This particular tank was created by Glenn Perry, with the assistance of  Dr. John C. Lilly, the inventor of this whole thing. 

It was Dr.Lilly who actually named the tank as “Samadhi” – meaning “the highest form of meditation, in which a person experiences oneness with the universe”. 

It is the honor and duty of The Ventura Float Center to continue and uphold the original lineage and tradition that Dr. Lilly, Glenn Perry, and Lee Perry created for the good and well being of all. By offering the Samadhi tank, Ventura Float Center is committed to the legacy of Dr. John C. Lilly and the Samadhi company.